Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twice a Day

Twice a day, you should eat ice cream. Or maybe three or four times a day. This is what Willow thinks, and I can hardly argue because I strongly concur. We also enjoy a large helping of Greek yogurt---something that costs a fortune in Shenyang. Willow tried corn dogs out, and strawberry cheesecake. Two things she'd never had before. 

These pictures are kind of creepy. Willow likes to be swung around while wrapped in a blanket. Adam does it with her almost daily. She has been begging Tommy and Emma to make her "fly" almost every day. Tommy got tired and started carrying her around like this. It looks uncomfortable for both of them, but Willow seemed to think it was still fun. She said twice, "I need to fly". It's always shocking when you hear more than one English word come from her mouth. 

 Getting bigger and bigger by the day. I was thinking to myself that I should probably take my rings off because I'm sure my hands will swell up any minute. This is what 33 weeks pregnant looks like.

Willow concentrating on Sesame Street, and also folding a sticker into a very small square. She received the sticker at Lakeland's nursery. This past Sunday was the first time Willow didn't throw a fit or start to cry pathetically as she was being dropped of at the nursery. She likes to give the stickers to her bunnies or kitty.

And this is how Willow likes to present herself to the world. She found her sunglasses, and one of Emma's headbands. This girl loves accessories! 

Emma and I went out to Panera together. It's fun to go on little dates like that. Saturday, I got to visit with my friend Katie, who is about to travel to Ethiopia for six months.

If anyone else would like to get together, I have about ten days left in Lake Villa. Please send me a message and we can make plans!

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