Sunday, June 9, 2013

[a wedding]

Stephen & Jessica 
June 8, 2013

Stephen and Jessica singing together. Too sweet. And hard to keep dry eyes. 
 Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Langley! 

 Delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and drinks were served outside afterwards. It was a beautiful day, with warm sun and a cool breeze. The newly weds were truly blessed with gorgeous weather. Because we're in China most of the time, I've missed most of my friends weddings. It was wonderful to watch these two old friends tie the knot. I enjoyed the simple service, it was filled with genuine worship. Christ was the center of their ceremony, and I pray that it will continue to be so in their marriage!

I'm also sad to report that Willow was a bully. She whacked a cute girl in the head with a stick three times.

Goodbye to the bride and groom! 
Many blessings to you both! 

Willow's little photo session. She loves to have her picture taken. 

So tired! Willow refused to take a nap before the wedding, and instead spent nap time talking and singing to herself. I guess that I should be happy that all she did was hit a girl in the head with a stick three times. Oh yeah, she also shouted "Yay!" after the bride and groom finished singing their song together. She also shouted "Amen" twice. And ate cookies in the sanctuary.

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