Saturday, June 8, 2013

31.5 weeks = Can't Breathe

30 weeks pregnant with baby boy
June 2013 
Almost 8 months along, and can't believe it. 

Maybe I should be mentally preparing myself for labor and delivery. Or maybe I should be reading some reminders on how to care for a newborn. Or maybe I should wash all the baby clothes and blankets. 

Or maybe I should blog thoughtful letters to this baby. Or maybe I should be preparing Willow to become a big sister. Or maybe I should be lifting their impending sibling relationship up to the Lord on a daily basis. 

I'm pretty much failing at all these things right now; and I'm in a state of denial. 

I reside in the land of sluggards where I eat ice cream, cereal, and yogurt all day. Where I read books from the library all morning. I live in a land where a full breath of air is not my thing anymore. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use more then 10% of my lung capacity? 

I live in a place where I forget to take my prenatal vitamins 50% of the time. A place where my back is slowly turning to gelatin and the veins in my hands are about to explode. 

30 weeks pregnant with Willow
(May 2011) 
 I live in a place that's far from my husband, constantly missing him and wishing he was here. 

But I count my blessings. I have flavored ice cream. I can drive to the store. I have great doctors. I have a loving husband who waits up at night to talk on skype. I have family who helps with Willow throughout the day. I have a fun-loving daughter who is obsessed with ice-cream, car rides, and animals.  

I get to spend so many precious moments with Willow. We snuggle in the morning, we cuddle at night, and we play during the day. We eat eggs for breakfast, and watch Sesame Street on youtube. We go for walks and car rides and enjoy shopping trips. We play with puppies at the pet store and go out for breakfast. We eat whipped cream straight from the container. We eat kimchi and rice together. 

Breaking of the dam: first clothes purchased for baby boy.
Soon followed by excessive amounts of shopping. 
I'm finished with the 'nesting' on the other side of the ocean. So maybe that's why I'm just not into it right now. I hope a second wave will hit me soon because there are a few things that ought to get done before the baby arrives. Willow's birthday, a plan for where Willow will sleep once the baby is born, wash all those baby clothes, sew a baby blanket....etc. 

I'm so thankful to have had a relatively easy pregnancy. My first world problems are so minimal. I worry about not getting to eat the moose tracks ice cream, and the fact that the book I just read was a waste of time. 

A real concern, that I keep pushing to the back, is the position of the baby. I'm positive he's in an oblique position. I hope that in the next few weeks, he settles in the correct position and is ready to come out! I do not want to have a c-section. So, this is a real-life prayer request--that the baby would move into the best position at the proper time. 

much love from the languid whale. 

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