Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ice Cream & Sunsets

Some pictures from our trip to Momence. Emma came along to help me with Willow--which was especially nice and helpful while we were traveling in the car. On the way home, Emma had to deal with Willow's motion sickness and clean-up about 5 episodes of an extreme car-sick-toddler. 

Lots of pictures--mostly for Adam's sake. I could write lots of little stories, I suppose. But it's almost midnight, and I wanted to get these online so Adam can enjoy them. 

Obsessed with playing outside and her little car. 

Emma practicing piano 

Willow's first root beer float. 


Playing with Aunt Hannah, who came to visit us everyday! 

Brownie & Ice Cream

Willow needed some down time one afternoon. Over-stimulated, but not time for nap. Watching her favorite movie, Toy Story, on the iPad was the answer. Didn't hear a peep from her for about an hour.

Lost power during dinner one night during our visit. Willow thought it was a lot of fun to carry around a big flashlight, until she saw the violent wind sweep her car off the back porch. It crashed into a post before landing in the bushes. Between the thunder, lightening, rain, and wind--Willow was taken aback by all the commotion and screamed in the most dramatic fashion "Oh No!!!!" She was very disturbed and traumatized until her Grandma Johnson went out and saved the car from the storm. It was fun to fall asleep to the sounds of a thunderstorm---although at one point, I felt the need to check for tornado warnings. 

oops...more ice cream pictures.

Willow recognized this classic toy from Toy Story 3

One of my favorite pictures

Willow requested pictures taken while lying in the grass--I guess she's learning about posing and such. 

Amazing to see sky, clouds, sunshine, and especially sunsets. The air is so clear--I had forgotten what it was like! I hope the pollution levels improve by the time we return to Shenyang.

Great grand-dad and great-great uncle Ken. 

Another Uncle--but this one is young. Uncle Luke. 

As they were running back, Willow took a spill and landed on her face. Instead of crying, she laughed at herself. 

Hard to believe that we'll be in Momence again in less than two weeks! I can't wait for Adam's return in about eleven days--seems like we've been apart forever.


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