Saturday, June 8, 2013

Science Classroom Walls

Adam's cool classroom. He has his students paint information on the wall as they learn about these principles in science class. I think there is a lot of work that goes on before and during the painting projects--so it's not like they're just slapping paint on a wall to be artistic. There is a process to learning the lessons, coming up with designs, and selecting what will be painted. So these paintings represent a lot of brain work that the students went through as they learned about all sorts of things this school year. 

Since this is the last year in this particular building, it doesn't really matter how the walls will look post-school year. It also hasn't mattered in the past because walls are repainted in the summer. Here are some pictures Adam took with his camera during the painting processes that the different middle school classes went through. It seems like all I ever hear about from students and their parents is how much everyone likes Adam's classes. He is a great teacher, and is improving all the time. He's the golden boy. 

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