Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Willow Rose

Willow is 16 days old today. She's already changed so much, but it's hard to believe that we didn't know her little face 17 days ago. At her 2 week check-up, we learned that she had passed up her birth weight and gained one pound since her 1 week check-up. She's definitely filling-out and getting rolls around her arms and legs. Not to mention her chin; it's definitely a double chin!

She's very alert and loves to hold her head up on her own for as long as possible. She follows people with her eyes if they're 1-2 feet away from her, and likes to look at lights (ouch!). She is beginning to have longer awake times throughout the day and sleeps 3-4 hours at a time during the night. Although, last night she slept for 6 hours straight and I woke up in a panic at 7am.

Willow makes plethora of interesting faces. She's been smiling since she was born, but is learning to smile more and more on cue. She is very strong and tries to scoot and roll around as much as she can (which isn't very much, but still impressive at her age). She likes to be walked around and prefers to be held as much as possible, which can be exhausting (so we are thankful for all the family and friends around who are happy to hold Willow!).

Her number one desire is milk. She likes to eat all the time. She is a frantic, voracious eater and often chokes and gags while trying to eat. Willow needs to learn how to slow down! When she is sleeping and starting to feel hungry, she starts to grunt. Most of the time I think her grunting is hilarious, but sometimes it is exhausting to listen to (like in the middle of the night).

Overall, Willow is doing very well learning, growing, and staying healthy. Adam and I love her so much and can hardly believe that we get to take care of such a cute girl! She is an incredible blessing that we get to take care of day and night and love more and more every minute.


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  1. Madeline was a frantic eater as well. Sometimes she would eat and eat, throw up, then want more. Some women had kids that would nurse for like 30 minutes but Maddy would be full after eating quickly for 10. Oh, I'm kind of looking forward to going through this again. Can't wait to meet little Willow!