Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hobble and Waddle's Summer Vacation

Part Three

Last summer, we were able to watch Tommy play just one baseball game. This year, I'm hoping to see many more of Tommy's baseball games. Currently, he's playing on a summer league for guys his age, which is a good opportunity for him since he doesn't attend public school so can't play during the normal season anymore. This year is also unique because our cousin who is just a few months younger than Tommy is also playing on Tommy's team. He makes the long drive to our area every week so that he can get some more playing time during summer break.

The following pictures are from a double header---our Uncle Mike drove his motorcycle down from Minnesota to watch his nephews play together. Tommy often plays catcher--he's always loved that position--and our cousin usually pitches a few innings. It's a one of a kind experience to watch them play together for the first time on the same team.

Tommy is playing third base here, and our cousin is playing short stop.

Adam braving the outdoors again--three days after his surgery. We both got sunburned during this game because although it was cool and windy, the sun was very bright.

Tommy playing catcher. When he was younger, he was always one of the first kids to get drafted his league--every coach knew Tommy had a good attitude, a strong arm, and a nice line drive.

Tommy, getting ready to bat. And my Dad, getting ready to take more pictures.

Adam, trying to stretch is leg out.

My Uncle Mike saying goodbye to his nephews after they lost their first game. They were a little bummed out.

Brad testing out my dad's camera.


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