Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birth Story: Part 2

Now, nearly three weeks after she was born, it is difficult for me to remember the events and emotions linked to Willow's birth. It just seems like a dream in slow-motion that had a lot of after effects and recovery involved.

After the doctor and nurses plopped Willow's purple-y, slimy body on my chest and I had my thought about how small she was--I just stared at her in amazement. How could this little person be my daughter? I studied her screaming face curiously. And then she was whisked away to be cleaned up and checked.

Backing up a step or two, I remember when Willow first emerged into the world and the doctor announced that she WAS a girl, I felt a little burst of relief. Now I wouldn't have to return all the cute girly things given to us.

While Willow was being cleaned, checked, and dressed--I was also being fixed up. Apparently, I had torn and so my OB started stitching the tear. I was in such a daze after all the adrenaline of having a baby--so I don't really remember the next few hours very well, but I think my doctor finished fixing the tear, Adam ordered dinner, Willow was handed back to me to start nursing, and all those nurses left. Willow had passed her Apgar test with flying colors, but was not very coordinated when it came to nursing. The amazing nurse that had been with us throughout the whole active labor/delivery experience (Shannon) encouraged me through Willow's clumsiness. Ok, this might be too much information for a blog, but the hardest part about the initial recovery was trying to use the restroom for the first time. My bladder felt painfully full, but I couldn't 'remember' how to relieve that discomfort. It took an hour, and it was surprisingly an extremely discouraging experience. Once again, Shannon was helping and encouraging me through this trial too. Ugh.

Within a few hours, we were moved into a different room and I got to eat for the first time in 30 hours. It was already after 9pm, and we were tired. God was thinking when he designed newborns to sleep so much in their first 24 hours. We couldn't decide what we wanted more--sleep, or to just look at Willow and hold her warm little body.

Little Willow with her squished-up post delivery face. Such a sweetie!

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and the hospital did a great job of taking care of all of us. I'm thankful that we were able to go through this whole ordeal in America.


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