Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hobble and Waddle's Summer Vacation

Part Six

Hannah and Josh's Rehearsal Day.....

Hannah and Josh's wedding ceremony was held at the Conference Grounds--family and friends worked hard to decorate this room for their wedding. It looked beautiful! Of course, Adam and I didn't feel like much help at all (mostly because we didn't help as much as we wanted to). We are the debilitated couple.

Adam was given a manageable responsibility, considering his knee: taking care of the guest book.

Adam and his grandad--who has also had a difficult year medically. He spent some time in the hospital earlier this year but seems to be recovering very well.

Aunt Mindy helped Hannah to coordinate details throughout the rehearsal and ensured that the processional was timed exactly right.

Hannah was a very well-composed bride. She was patient and kind throughout each situation that transpired.

This picture cracks me up---I was sitting in his seat.

Adam was feeling rather sore on Friday (and Saturday as well). Between weeks 2-8 after his surgery, his body will start to break-down and then build up his hamstring. It's quite amazing--his body will turn his ligament into a tendon. His former hamstring will become his new ACL--but this process will cause some additional pain and soreness. He was starting to feel it, I think during the wedding weekend.

We were grateful to be included in the rehearsal dinner, even though our roles were not significant. The food was from an amazing local Mexican restaurant--Adam and I have missed good Mexican food! It was an exciting evening and we were happy for Hannah and Josh as they prepared to start their lives together.


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