Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spirit Week

I am very impressed with the amount and quality of the work that Adam and his student council accomplished during Spirit Week. They accomplished a lot during a very chaotic week--I want to write more about it, but it's getting late and we have to wake up early in the morning. I'm running out of blog-steam!

Some of the things that student council headed up last week:

Mao Wars--raised money for the Philippines service trip.
Costume Themes--students dressed up and we had best dressed competitions
Poster Contest--all of the students were divided into more than 40 teams
Wall Painting--every person in the school put their hand print on the wall

My students won three out of five best dressed awards in our department! Some of my favorite costumes that showed up in third grade were:

Captain Hook---complete with sword, hook, eye patch, hat, and cape
Michael Jackson--a little Korean girl came dressed in a white shirt, pony tail, glove, bow-tie, and glasses
Sacagawea--this girl had a doll strapped to her back and Native American regalia

Our lovely and inspiring first grade teacher!

Adam was going for "solar system"--complete with an asteroids on his "asteroid belt"--but people gave him some grief about being "Mr. Universe"!


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