Thursday, October 7, 2010

San Hao

Went for a short bike ride one day--for coffee and supper. Took some pictures to share with you!

There has been a lot of road construction underway on San Hao Jie--which is the main road near our complex--this is where the construction workers live. They had a few tents set up under a bridge on San Hao. This is where they slept, ate, and probably bathed. I was shocked at the conditions in which they lived. They literally sleep on top of boards that are balanced on cinder blocks. They have a few pillows and a blanket to keep them warm. Their sleeping space is very tight, since they share it with many others.

There's always construction going on, wherever you look.

On a corner of an intersection sits a little man with a cart. He fixes bikes for cheap prices. He reads a newspaper during down time. Need a seat for kid on the bike of your bike? Need to pump air into your tires? Need new breaks or wheels? Have a rusty bike chain? He's the man.

Adam, getting on his bike.

Some weird little variety show that we passed on a connecting side-street. It was bizarre. I couldn't see very well, but part of it involved a man sticking his head in a balloon to techno music.

Road construction at night.

This picture amuses me. These people are lining up for the bus. In a country where people very rarely line up for anything, they are somehow complying to this rule--that if you wish to have a seat on the bus, line up!

On another street corner, getting ready to go into a restaurant for dinner.

Before we go to the hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Adam buys some drinks for us at this little side store.

The strange teas you can drink at the restaurant. There are animal organs in those drink canisters. I'm not sure how they are supposed to help people.


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  1. yay! some pictures of julie! you look sweet. :)