Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Never Thought That I Would...

Ride a bike in China.

Enjoy teaching this much.

Live in a 3-bedroom apartment.

Buy meat from the butcher and not pass out because of my germ phobia.

Help direct a pirate play.

Use chopsticks more often than forks or spoons.

Buy cheap and slightly suspicious DVD's from a shady, hole-in-the-wall store.

Carry toilet paper in my purse.

Make a grocery list according to how much weight my bike basket can handle.

Order McDonalds delivery.

Have curtains and pillows custom made.

Get so excited about packets of taco seasoning.

Never tip the waiter.

Barter for merchandise.

Pay someone to do my laundry, cleaning, and dishes.

Bake food in such a tiny oven.

Ride a bike wearing high heels, like the Chinese ladies do.

Speak broken English so perfectly.

I never thought that I would....but I do.


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