Monday, October 18, 2010

Dreadful Mondays

I have a really bad attitude about Mondays. I have many grievances against it. Its the first day of the work week, which comes alone directly after a weekend which was too short. My main complaint against Mondays is that they hurt so much more after an unproductive week. I did not work on school related items as much as I should have this weekend. I did not go to bed last night at a decent time, as I should have. I did not force myself to go into school early this morning, as I should have.

What's lacking here is some serious, assignment-kicking, grade-tackling motivation.

This is what my day looked like--if my day was composed of bullet points only.
What a boring post--please stop now if you can. I don't know. Maybe you have been hypnotized.

Wake-up 90 minutes late (too bad)
Get ready for the day
Take a detour to school because of road work

Finish planning math, social studies, science, and language arts for the week
Mark copies to be made for the week
Write the schedule and date on the board
Write the morning work on the board
Make, print, cut-out, and distribute spelling lists
Finish a pirate research
Make a little house on the prairie power point
make copies for language arts

set up the laptop and projector
keep students on track with morning work
send English Support students to their L.A. class
Teach language arts

Start snack time
finish working on the pirate power point
get the power point from the desk top to the lap top
organize the little house on the prairie workbook we're making
prepare for "book" class

observe my TI teach math class
teach "book" class
role-play a chapter we studied
vocabulary study
dismiss for lunch

eat lunch
prepare for social studies
supervise spelling and handwriting work
teach social studies
dismiss for computer class
make sure students get their eye exams
talk to the nurse about the eye infection all my students have apparently (bummer)
write a reminder letter to parents about our all-day field trip on Friday
Sent the letter to be translated
Print the letter without the translation because it wasn't translated
discuss language arts with my TI
distribute other school related letters

prepare for science class
teach science class
cut cake, distribute goody-bags for student's birthday
have a party
send the student to the principal's office to get a prize
give announcements/homework
have students who are high on sugar pack-up
bring students to the bus

go to the auditorium to get ready for drama rehearsal
rehearse from 3:40--5:00

Take the long way home because of the detour
Grade papers because quarter 1 is just about over
Try to work on more play stuff
eat dinner
have some quiet time
waste time on facebook and blogspot

regret the time wasted

have a party

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