Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feels Like Fall

Just a few of the fall decorations around our apartment. Some is new--sent in the mail from Adam's mom--some is hand-me-down stuff from families who have moved away (Christa!). Anyway--it surprisingly helps a lot to have some autumn colors around when you don't get to see many trees changing colors, or go apple picking, or drink cider.

It's hard to see, but there are leaves hanging on the door, and a turkey on the door handle. We also have a few other things hanging around the house, but didn't get pictures of those items. Seems strange to take pictures like this and post them. But, it's for those of you who like to see pictures of the ordinary. Here's another reference point for you. Pictures help sometimes.

This picture makes me smile. The Momence Johnsons sent us some baby pumpkins from their garden! These pumpkins traveled a long way to get to China! :)

Enjoying some hot drinks in my pumpkin cup.

Update about "Treasue Island". We were finally able to decide on and post our cast list last Wednesday. I am very excited for this year's cast and hope that everything will go well with rehearsals. Opening Night is in about four and a half months! Now comes the hard part for me. How to get a talking parrot. How to make someone look like he has one leg. How to make a set that looks like a ship from the 18th century. How to choreograph fight scenes.

We cast everyone that auditioned. What a great feeling! About 25 students this year are in the play. I am excited to see how the production will go. Hopefully we will be able to raise the bar even higher. :)


  1. Ooooh! I like the fall decorations and the pillows on your couch. where did you get those?

  2. Ohhhh it's so nice to see this stuff again and it looks so nice the way you have it. SOOooo pretty.