Sunday, September 12, 2010


My little nail ladies. Aren't they cute?

Something I would never do in America, but am starting to do more and more frequently in China, is getting a manicure. It's becoming a weakness. I love the whole process. Saying hello to the ladies who paint my nails (they always remember me and laugh gleefully whenever I show up. I don't know why they laugh at me, but I have theories), choosing a new design and the colors that I want. Sitting and waiting for my nails to look beautiful--these ladies are extremely talented! I like to think that the manicures help me to stop biting my nails. Who would want to bite their nails after getting a manicure? Your nails look cute, and you had to pay money for them to get that way--so it's a few notches up from painting your nails yourself. I've been biting my nails for basically my whole life. It's probably a sign of some deep rooted psychosis, since I can't stop.

I'm guessing that from years of playing piano, my nail biting was fueled---short nails are better to have when playing the piano. Still to this day, I prefer having short nails, even though I do not get the opportunity to play piano very often. With manicured nails, I tend not to bite them, but I still clip them short.

Long nails are bothersome to me--so I don't know why I ever got acrylic nails...EVER! Some manicurist ladies talked me into it...the next day I had them ripped off at another place. The place that I am sitting at in the pictures above. They are now my favorite ladies since they helped me in my time of great need. They spent two hours ripping off my impulsive fake nails...a very painful process for me. It taught me a valuable lesson: never get talked into acrylic nails again...NEVER!!!

I think that is the main reason why the little ladies laugh at me whenever I come back. My nails are too short and I refuse to get acrylic nails.


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