Saturday, September 25, 2010

More from today...

Not extremely interesting, but another glimpse for my curious family and friends!

The picture-menu at KFC. Very helpful when you are not exactly sure how to say all the different items on the menu in a way that can be understood in loud and crowded surroundings. It's nice to be able to point at a picture and be understood immediately.

Behind the counter at KFC.

A man, doling out the cash for his chicken.

The donuts, taking a ride in a Shenyang taxi. They are pretty patient travelers. Especially when the driver slams on the breaks and high-tales it down a side street to avoid the police. What?!! That's never happened before. We were playing cat and mouse with somebody and it was a little freaky.

Some construction (or maybe....demolition....?) workers taking a lunch break, eating their take-out with chop-sticks.

What the workers were taking a break from working on....


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