Monday, September 27, 2010


A quick update before bed. "Treasure Island" auditions went swimmingly well. I am very happy with how many students showed up and the talent base that we are privileged to start with this year.
I had been praying that at least 25 kids would show up for auditions, which was a pretty steep number since only 11 kids showed up last least 25 showed up tonight! Granted, some of the kids only wanted to audition for experience so that they could help with the production team. However, it was really encouraging to see so many faces in the auditorium. It was also great to see so many boys show up for auditions. They took a break from chess club and volleyball practice to try out--it was mostly boys in there. How awesome!

Cast list will be up soon. Maybe even by tomorrow!

In other news. It's a little before 9pm and Adam is already sleeping. :)


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