Saturday, September 25, 2010

Picture, Picture

Do you remember "Picture, Picture" from Mr. Rogers? That's what I'm thinking about right now. Think about all the learning that Picture, Picture shared with us! All about processes and production. Very insightful, Picture, Picture. There are factories surrounding our school building, and I think that it would be really neat to take my students on some field trips to see how things are made--especially once we start our unit about processes and resources. But....then again....maybe it would be MUCH better, if we just watched youtube videos about it instead.

Here are some more pictures for you!

Riding ourbikes to dinner with friends, I have blueberry cake in my bicycle basket, and brownies on my back seat-thingy. Wow--I felt muy accomplished--no mishaps on the ride over to our friends' apartment block.

The Cafe Menu...well-underway. Taking a break from reading workshops for a few months while we read "The Courage of Sarah Noble", "Little House on the Prairie", and work on some poetry/writing workshops. In the meantime, our strategy menu with continue to guide us through 3rd grade as the students improve their reading skills.

"Story Building" is our reading competition that is going on right now. It is a large apartment building. Each student has a door with their name on it at the bottom. Each blue square has a title of a book written on it and represents a book that was read and written about in a book report. It's rather clever. As the students build the number of stories they read, they are also adding floors--or "stories"--to their building! When all the students reach the top, we will have a party. This is after one week of book reports being turned in! They read so much! All the windows represent a chapter book!

Closer look at the windows that represent a story book--as well as a building story.
I wish that I could take credit for this idea, but one of my former students was the person who thought of it. I've been waiting many months to use his idea! It's great to see his idea being used to effectively--the current third graders are insanely motivated by this giant poster.

You can buy watermelon for very cheap prices this time of year.

Adam, after he got a hair cut at a local barber shop. It looks a little militaristic to me.

At a restaurant on the main road near our apartment complex--if the place is busy, you are asked to eat upstairs. If you are asked to eat upstairs, you have to use the "shady" stair-case to get there. It's a little shocking, but I love it at the same time. Not exactly "building code" material.

I wonder when this building was built? How long ago? The answer might shock us all. Either very old, or very new....

Adam, leaving the upstairs eating area (beyond the plastic-fringe stuff) to go down the sketchy passage way.

One day, this past week, my TI came in late because she had had a doctors appointment in the morning. To soften the blow of her news, she brought two donuts for me. My TI is currently on a short hiatus to rest her injured ankle which she twisted several months ago. I hope that she feels better soon! In the meantime, her donuts were a very tasty and unexpected treat!

Who is that at the door? Why, it's the McDonalds delivery-man! Yes, that's right. McDonalds delivers in China.

This is a rather dangerous skill that we have just started using. Ordering take-out from McDonalds should not be done very often. Have you ever seen "Super Size Me"? It's a good thing there is no such thing as Super Size here.

The delivery man has this nifty container where he stows all of our food. It has several compartments which keep the food either hot/cold.

I know what you may be thinking....but that's actually our assistant principle with a towel on his head. He is not a fictional character from a certain sci-fi series.

This picture was taken at the Back to School Bash that Adam's student council students planned. It was a fun time for middle-school and high-school students to bond over activities outside of school hours.

The students played a few games using water balloons. There were also opportunities to paint the assistant principal's head, shave their "book" teacher's legs, or pie their StuCo representatives or teachers with whipped cream. These activities were to raise money--they seemed to be very successful.

Unfortunately, I was pied three times, and Adam probably even more times.

One of the high-school teachers, shaving his legs to raise 200 kuai. It took him a while to achieve the finished result.

Somehow, Liz (center), managed to not get pied. Her hair isn't chunky with sugar and milk from the whipped cream. :)

Oh yes. It's Hyphen-Hero. Saving one compound word at a time. It's tricky business in the land of communication, and if it weren't for her bionic eye--which is half dictionary--all would be lost!

Some of the gifts that my students gave me for my birthday. Coconut cookies, pink roses, and a pencil case. Also--a few handwritten cards to brighten my morning! :)


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