Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Daddy, Come Home

I intercepted this letter from Willow to her dad. Adam is in Beijing (Saturday morning--Tuesday  night) for a teaching conference. 

Dear Daddy,

 Please come home. You've been gone for three days, and I don't know why. When I go to bed at night, you tuck me in and sing songs with me. We read about the moon, and you make sure I have my favorite stuffed kitties and bunnies. But then I wake up and mom says you're at 'school'.

It seems like you've been at school for awhile! When are you coming back? I like to call your cell phone and talk with on speaker phone. I am just so crazy! I like to ask you what you're doing, and I'm usually eating eggs or watching a movie or something.

Dad, when you're not here, mom has to clean up all my messes, feed me, play with me, change my diapers, take me outside, wash my face and brush my teeth. She has to do all those things for Noah too.

Today, I got in trouble because I was being disobedient. I wouldn't go inside to eat lunch. I told mom "no" and to go away. When she told me to eat my snack of applesauce at the table, I sat on the couch instead. She didn't know right away, because she was still in the kitchen--so I decided the couch would be prettier with applesauce all over it. The carpet too. So I got in trouble two times today.

I almost got in trouble three times, but I think mom was too tired to be consistent. I put cheese all over the place. It looked good. I painted the table with ice cream. That also looked good. I'm an artist, but mom keeps destroying my work.

I met some kids outside today. One girl gave me lots of Hello Kitty stickers. I went down the slide with a little boy. We also screamed as loud as we could, and hit the road with sticks. I saw a baby and a girl and tried to get them to play with me, but it didn't work out. I got to pet some puppies. They had freakish teeth, so they made me nervous. I told them to "Get Down!" like I learned on the farm, but they didn't understand English.

Dad, tonight I didn't get to read a book before bed. Noah was screaming, so mom sang a song really fast and that was it. Huff.

Did I tell you that I only like to hold Noah if he has a clean diaper? If he has a poopy diaper, I make mom change it first. Poop is gross. Except my poop isn't gross.

Every time the phone rings, I think it's you that's calling. Every time I hear someone walk into our building, I think that it might be you. I want to set a place at the table for you too, but I guess you can eat where you are right?

Dad, don't forget to get the moon for me. I almost have that book memorized. So I can read it by myself, but really it would be better if you read it to me. Mostly, I miss you playing with me. Mom doesn't know how to be crazy and wild and she isn't as fun as you are. She is so boring.

When you get back, we're going to have a dance party.

Love you,


Willow, reading her favorite book 

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