Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Three-Fifths of the Picture

This picture was taken earlier this year, I think in April (?). Our team had a record of 5 pregnant mamas at the same time! We took a picture together, and are standing in order of our due dates.

 Now, four of those babies are born (though one is in Americ, now). Just waiting for the fifth baby...although now there is also a sixth baby on the way. Another friend on our team has just announced she is pregnant! 

The funny thing is, since we moved here in 2009, there has always been someone on our team who is pregnant. At least one lady has always been pregnant. As soon as she delivers, you hear of another pregnancy! I was trying to count the number of babies since 2009, and I think it's around 15...(?) Plus, many families also have taken care of foster babies. Considering the size of our team, we have quite a lot of babies and small children. 

Here are the babies (three-fifths of them anyway), outside of the womb!
They're sitting in birth order. The baby who is in America, should be sitting between Noah and Nora.

Noah is about 7 weeks.
Nora is about 2 weeks.
Elisha is about 1 week
I think I am correct on those ages....

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