Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jet Lag is Over

Adam is over jet lag.
Willow is over jet lag.
Noah is over jet lag.
I am over jet lag...just on the newborn schedule now.

Here are some pictures from our first week back in Shenyang.
I can't believe we've been in town for two weeks! Time is just flying by!
We've been very blessed this time around, because we were all over jet lag in record time.
It helps a lot when your plane lands at night so you can go right to sleep.
Unless your name is WIllow, and although you've only slept 4 hours in the last 24 that passed, you can't fall asleep until you play with each of your long-lost toys again. 

Another praise was that I didn't get mastitis this time around. Sometimes jet lag does that to me.

Adam had to go out of town with the middle school students almost immediately. We landed very late on Thursday night, he stayed with us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday--and then Monday he was gone for three days.

I had been really worried about how I would be able to manage this. I'm known for not functioning well (let alone with a good attitude) on little sleep. Me + 2 kids on jet lag....and no Adam....that seemed like a recipe for disaster. But without even asking for extra help, friends in our community came to our aid.

First of all, meals were provided for us Friday-Wednesday. Which meant breakfast, lunch, and dinners were covered for and I didn't have to worry about cooking. Leftovers lasted several days longer as well. It was especially helpful at 3 in the morning when Willow wanted to eat dinner again.

Another friend came over and played with Willow each afternoon--taking her outside to be a naturalist. This gave me time to rest with Noah and entertained Willow thoroughly. She looked forward to her visits with Aunt Carol and we sure enjoyed eating lunch with her too!

Noah, getting ready for his first time to our Shenyang fellowship. Thanks, Mindy for the cute outfit!

Jet lag = lots of movies for Willow. Can you see both of the Johnson babies?

If you've met Willow, then you probably know she's obsessed with glasses. Here, she snagged Noah's hipster shades. Cool, dude.

I don't know if it was the onslaught of jetlag influencing her play routine, but for about a week Willow was very interested in making beds all over the apartment. They were more like nests, actually. In this particularly bed, she has pillows, her favorite stuffed kitties, and about 16 pairs of underwear. Whose underwear, you ask? They are Willow's for when she finally decides to be potty trained--she found them in the unpacking mayhem, and proceeded to play with them for the next few days. I don't have a picture of it, but she was also fond of wearing her underwear over her pants. over her diaper. She looked so hilarious!

I have had such terrible allergies in Shenyang. As soon as we landed, I could feel a difference. It seems counterintuitive, since I"m usually more allergic to nature...and this is mostly a non-nature city. Maybe it's the air quality or dust in our apartment? make-up and lots of allergy-induced suffering.
I'm also not in love with my hair cut. Fortunately, hair grows back.

Willow's room was one of the last 'zones' that I attacked in our unpacking process. She had toys EVERYWHERE and the thought of figuring out where they would all go was overwhelming me. Eventually, I took pity on the girl; who was trying so hard to play in her giant mess.

Noah's room is basically 'all his' now. I just have to change the pictures in those frames. They are all of baby Willow right now.

Cute pictures of Noah and his little friend, Nora. They are 5 weeks apart in age.

I'm so proud of Noah for holding his head up! He wobbles a bit, but gets better at head support everyday. These little things make my heart happy, since we're on the look-out for his milestone advancement.

Another thing Willow has been interested in is decorating her face and hair with stickers. She also decorates walls, furniture, and any person who sits too long---with stickers.

We went to a 5K and 10K run that was raising money for a medical organization that works with orphans in our city. Willow especially enjoyed the free face painting and balloons. It was fun to see more of our Shenyang friends who we hadn't visited with in so long.

This friend of ours ran in the race, and was dresses as a giant cigarette for his anti-smoking campaign.

A bride and groom with their photography team, on their way to take pictures by the river. This type of thing happens prior to the wedding celebration. I liked her platform gym shoes she was wearing. Haha.

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