Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birth Story: Little Noah

Looks like Willow was explaining the TV show she had turned on. Willow treated the hospital recovery room like her hotel suite! These were Noah and Willow's first cuddles. 

Noah's Birth Story continued....
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These pictures are in no particular order. I was going to try and fix that--because I like chronology. But then...there are so many of them, that it just ends up being a whole lot of trouble with this blogger thing. So...just soak in the newborn pictures. They were all taken within 24 hours of each other anyway.

When Willow met Noah, on August 9. She was so excited to see mommy's baby finally. She bonded instnatly with Noah--whhich seemed so unusual and special. I was in the bathroom when she first entered the hospital room--so I missed her initial reaction. But Noah quickly became 'her' baby.

These were gifts from Adam's cousins; jewelry that doubles as teething toys.

It's absolutely crazy looking at these pictures of Noah in his going home outfit. He can no longer wear this outfit (which looks pretty big on him in these pictures) because he is too fat and long. He has grown so much in a month--nearly four pounds! That pretty much leaves Willow's growth chart in the dust.

We had to wait a while to get discharged from the hospital. I almost lost my cool with the nurses. I had to be very firm with them in order to get out of the hospital on the day that I wanted to. I felt like I was a full-blown Chinese woman. Because Noah was born at 10pm on Wednesday, we couldn't be discharged on Thursday. You have to wait 25 hours, and they don't release patients late at night. So, I wanted to leave on Friday morning. Because our last nurse was pretty incompetent, it took over 6 hours to complete the process. She kept leaving us in favor of discharging other patients. I guess I raised enough of a post-pregnancy hormonal fuss that the manager came and took care of our discharge orders. Whoops.

I just really wanted to get out of the uncomfortable hospital, and back to my little Willow.

Napping while waiting to leave the hospital. 

When we arrived at my mom's house, Willow had so many emotions going on. As we parked in the driveway, she was outside laughing/screaming/crying at the same time. I don't think she knew if she was happy or sad or angry or excited that we were all together again.

We all went inside and Adam handed Noah to Emma so that he could unpack the car. Willow didn't like that at all and started crying, "my baby!". We had to quickly hand Noah over to Willow so that she could calm down. She was over due for nap; my mom had let her stay up later than usual so that she could see us. She had gotten a bath and a cute outfit on, as well as her hair curled in preparation for us to come home. But because it took the hospital so long to let us go, Willow ended up waiting and waiting....and waiting for us. Poor girl!

You can still see remnants of the sad tears in these pictures. But she was so happy and proud to hold her baby brother. She is so extremely attached to him and has yet to have any confrontation with him. She loves him so much, and I hope the affection lasts for their whole lives.

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