Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten Months

Where have the months gone? 

Ten months ago, my life changed forever.

In two short months she will be celebrating her first birthday with cake and ice cream. 

People think she's a boy, even when wearing dresses and bows in her hair. Everyday she is called a little brother, a boy, my son, him/he...by foreigners and Chinese alike. I've stopped caring or being offended by it, but seriously, if she is wearing a dress that should be a pretty clear indication of gender. 

She is a cliMbEr. 

She loves finger food and will eat everything we give her. 

She understands several phrases. 

She is learning what 'no' means and that some things are off-limits. 

She hasn't fallen off the couch in a while--I hope she understands that gravity hurts. 

She likes books.

She tries to swipe books with photography--she probably thinks it's a touch screen. 

She goes after Adam's computer non-stop. I like to sing MC Hammer's, "can't touch this" to her. 

Her favorite show is Sesame Street. 

She dances when she hears music. Doesn't matter if it's Sesame Street, worship music, ring tones, or the music being played outside. 

She's beginning to be interested in animals: stray cats, chicks/chickens, bunnies...etc. I wish I could take her to a nice zoo or petting farm. 

She lacks the confidence to walk. She cruises around the furniture, walls, cupboards, and can stand up by herself no problem---but she sits down the second she realizes she's standing/walking on her own. 

She likes cuddles, hugs, and kisses. 

Adam is her favorite play mate. 

She waves goodbye (although doesn't always do it when we say, 'say goodbye'). Sometimes she says, 'bye bye'. 

Sometimes she says 'hey', 'hi' or 'baby'

Willow is obsessed with baby dolls, pictures of babies, videos of when she was babies, her baby friends, stranger's babies at the park....she loves babies. 

She breathes funny when she's happy/excited. She sucks the air in and out of her nose very quickly and loudly. What a goof! 

Always making a mess. For instance. Right now, she is tearing apart her diaper bag, where she found some of my work papers, and is now tearing them up. 

end post for above reason. 

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