Sunday, May 27, 2012

Growing, growing, growing

That's all she's up to lately.


She has learned to drink out of a straw. In China, all the yogurt is in liquid form, so instead of eating it with a spoon, you drink it with a straw. She's a huge fan of yogurt for breakfast. 

I can't get over how old she looks in this picture! 

Adam and Willow dressed up in support of Donald Driver during the season finale of Dancing with the Stars. Of course Adam was extremely exuberant when Driver won. 

A little difficult to see, but this is what Willow's hair looks like after a bath---actually, this is what her hair looks like after she's had a bath and stands in front of the fan. Her mohawk was standing straight up! 

1 comment:

  1. It's so funny...when you say "I can't believe how old she looks in that picture".

    I have realized that when I say that, I normally end up saying, "I can't believe how young they were!"

    Sigh it does go fast! Looks like you're enjoying her and motherhood!