Monday, May 7, 2012

Shenyang Family

One thing that makes our community wonderful is the sense of unity that can grow so quickly. Our Shenyang friends are more like close relatives. They turn into our mothers, brothers, fathers, and sisters. Of course they could never replace our actual families, but they come in a close second! We worship together, work together, play together, laugh together, eat together, celebrate together, and experience all sorts of ups and downs together.

In April, we went out to the luxurious Indian restaurant (which used to be a whole-in-the-wall joint, literally) for our friend's 30th birthday. Yummy food, great company, and spices in the air.

I love how Willow also gets to experience our community. For the most part, she really enjoys socializing with our friends here. And they give her lots of love and affection. Shenyang is a great home away from home.

Of course the waiter needed to hold Willow. The different servers took turns holding Willow and playing with her. She smiled for their camera-phones, and they loved it. They wouldn't give her back, no matter how much I tried to reclaim her, until she started to cry. At least I am familiar with these employees, so I felt somewhat comfortable letting them hold Willow.

Emily is probably Willow's favorite kindergarten student. The very sight of Emily sends Willow into squeals of delight.


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