Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Upbringing At All, They Say...

"What do you think of the boy?"
"They say he's had no upbringing at all. He grew up in the theater among artists and vagrants"
"Do you think he has a noble brow? If I were a boy, I would want to look just like that"
-Little Women 

This video makes me think of this passage from the beginning of Little Women. Willow is growing up 'among artists and vagrants'. She was at the first 40-ish minutes of every dress rehearsal--on my hip--or crying because someone else was holding her. While people were changing, and setting up, she was playing in the 'attic' of our set. She got scared during the fight scene, and didn't care for blackouts. At least Adam was able to take her home as soon as his last class was over. She was such a trooper! 

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