Monday, May 7, 2012

Cheer Up

It's been pretty heavy around this blog lately. So, I thought I'd lighten the mood for a bit before plunging into another introspective post.

Lately, when I come home from Little Women rehearsals, Adam is waiting outside for me with little Willow. She is always very happy to see me.

Below, Willow is on the set of Little Women. She is doing her, "How big is Willow? So big!" trick for the camera. I'm not sure how she picked it up, since we don't do it with her often at all, but she definitely understands the cue to put her arms in the air.

My assistant director, Willow, and me. I couldn't manage Little Women without Hannah!

My script. This is actually NOT an artsy picture. Adam snapped it without even looking--he was checking to see if the battery was working. But, since it's my you have a visual.

Starting to use costumes and sets...still a lot to do!

This cute outfit has a little stuffed panda attached to the pocket. Willow loved having a toy nearby at all times. What a silly goose!

She enjoys going in her castle. I think it is hilarious when she goes in her castle on her own accord. I might be working on chores or Little Women, and then I'll notice that she's sitting in her castle.

First halter-top dress.

New book from her Grandma Johnson

oh, these pictures are out of order. 

Willow on the set of Little Women again.


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