Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nesting at 22 Weeks

We had our surplus sale--and rid ourselves of many pounds of 'junk'. Stuff that we never used and no longer needed. Gone. Yay!

I wish I could show a picture of the physical change--but it's hard to document that sort of thing when one's closet doesn't really allow for pictures. Let's just say that before the closet had gotten into a big mess (mostly because we had too much), and NOW we can actually walk in the closet. After our sale, the left-overs were still getting picked over by friends and our house helper. Finally, got rid of everything and were able to put everything we were keeping back in the closet. It looks so much better--but mostly, I'm relieved that there's extra space again.

The bed in the guest room was [finally] removed. After asking our landlord for about three months, he finally agreed to remove the bed. So that's gone. It was an amazing experience. The moving men came--but only one guy (probably in his 50's) moved the bed. He had it out of our apartment in five minutes. He was so fast, I was in shock! He was also extremely tiny--so I was amazed that he could carry everything that he did. The moving men here are insanely capable of carrying impossible loads--they are like sherpas. Also, he managed not to wake Willow up, with all his hollering and yelling. So, it was two miracles in five minutes.

Vacuumed the walls and ceilings.
Washed and ironed the curtains.
Scrubbed the floor, baseboards, and window.
Bought new furniture and rug.
Assembled furniture.
Bought a new blackout curtain and shower rod from which to hang it.
Emptied the wardrobe.
Had new pillow cases made for Willow's future reading corner.

Still need to do a few things to this room, but I'm hoping that I'll get it accomplished in May or perhaps in September. I want to perhaps hang a girly curtain on a shower curtain rod (between the bed and wardrobe) so that Willow can open and close the curtains and make a little fort/reading tent. I also want to buy some hooks to hang low enough on the wall for Willow to hang her dress up clothes and purses from.

Still need to get some new pictures printed and framed for the walls.

As far as Willow's old room that she'll be using until we return in September--I think the only thing we have to change is the curtains and new diaper changing pad covers (since Willow's are very girly).

This is the stroller that I'm interested in purchasing. I had a dream last night that I was taking a ride in this stroller and my mom was pushing it. Weird.

I have some extra fabric that I've inherited and I'm having the tailor make some cute little dresses for Willow. I guess this is what happens when I watch too much project runway.

Making this pillow by hand sucks. I want a sewing machine!

Looking at pictures from when I was this far along with Willow. Trying to decide if I look the same size or not. Trying to imagine flying in several weeks.

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