Friday, April 19, 2013

6 Months

It's hard to believe that I'm six months pregnant! It some ways, six months have flown by. But then I remind myself that it's basically half a year. I have yet another sinus infection. I feel like at least one of us has been sick since 2013 began. We always have someone who is ill! Stomach flu, chest colds, sinus infections, fevers....The worse part is that we no longer have any medicine that I can take while pregnant. So I just have to suffer through with hot tea and lots of kleenex. 

Today, we received our first gift for the baby. Some booties and lotion from one of Adam's students. 

I have yet to buy something for our baby. As far as clothing is concerned, I don't really understand how to dress a boy. Which styles....?  I was also wondering, to mothers with boys, what board books/children's books you've enjoyed reading with your sons? Willow's books are pretty girly. 

This is from the 3D ultra sound I was able to get on Thursday. What a fun experience! Willow had to come along. She got car sick on the way there and vomited on us + the car. She made friends with the nurses and doctors, and one of the ultra sound technicians let her punch around on the computer and draw on her note pad while I was getting my ultra sound. The lady was very kind and gracious to allow for Willow's antics.

Heard for the 3rd time that this baby is most likely a boy--so that's what we'll go with!

I'm praying for this baby's safe development and arrival. Also praying that he and Willow will be great friends for their whole lives.

My back pain has been the worst 'symptom' for the last few months. Usually can't walk by 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening. It's hard to get comfortable to sleep and know it's only going to get worse.

Adam's mom will be here next week, and the following weekend is the play performances. Nesting is still underway. Today I finished washing and ironing our couch cushions, cleaned out the oven and the microwave, and tomorrow I'm going to spot clean the carpet again. I have to do this literally every m

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