Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bunk Bed for Willow's Big Girl Room

A few weeks ago, Adam was finally able to finish assembling Willow's bunk bed. One reason we decided to go with a bunk bed is so that we can still have room for guests. These beds have an added advantage--it can be set up as a bunk bed, or unstacked to be two twin beds. 

Willow enjoyed 'helping' Adam. The challenge was to keep her out of the room while Adam was working. She just loves her dad so much, and she loves to help out. 

She also loves her kitty cat. This cat is with her ALL. THE. TIME. 

Willow likes to lounge in bed and play with the iPad or read books. She's a silly one year old. This is where Adam's mom will be staying--can't believe she'll be here in two days! :)

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