Friday, March 15, 2013

Pygmalion, Pregnancy, Preparing

Willow is taking her nap, I'm listening to some worship music and feeling the occasional movements of baby. I need a break from Pygmalion.

Thinking Pygmalion. Talking Pygmalion. Dreaming Pygmalion. Shopping Pygmalion. Problem-Solving Pygmalion. Delegating Pygmalion. Planning Pygmalion.

Willow is 20 months old, I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant. We have 6 more weeks until Adam's mom arrives. 7 more weeks until opening night. 9 more weeks until I'm back in America.

Life is about count downs right now. How many more days until the landlord will finally take the guest bed away so that we can paint that room? How many more weeks until I can buy new furniture for that room so that Willow will be able to move in after the baby arrives? How many more weekends can I utilize to buy props? How many more weeks do I have to wait before we ask for all the sets on the stage? How many more weeks until backstage starts practicing with us? How many more weeks until I should buy a carseat for Willow to use in America?

But right now, I just want to sit around and not think about all that. I would rather drink some coffee and try to think about baby names.

I've been organizing all our nooks and crannies. I'm nowhere near finished, but I've gotten more done that I was expecting so far. We're having a sale next weekend to help de-clutter our small apartment. We need space for our baby! I hope we can find out if our baby is a girl or a boy next week.

Slowly checking tasks off of my various project lists. But they don't get shorter. They get longer!

Watching Project Runway, Season 10! Or maybe it's season 11? Pregnancy brain!

Starting to sell tickets for Pygmalion. Hanging posters. Getting reimbursed for all those inane expenses. I told Adam that Secret Garden, Treasure Island, Little Women, and Pygmalion are like my children. Secret Garden got seriously jipped. Pygmalion is in dangerous risk of becoming spoiled with it's frivolous expenditures (like real bow ties--$5 each--this is HUGE compared to what we were able to spend on Secret Garden).

We're all sick right now. Adam came down with a fever/cold last Friday and is still hanging onto his illness. He passed it onto me--but I seem to be doing better today. Even though I've been boosting Willow with lots of fruit, water, and washing her hands alot, she now has a runny nose.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to make a run out to Tai Yuan to buy gaudy, frivolous jewelry that people actually wear here. I'll probably treat myself to Starbucks because it's impossible not to.

Willow has finally started saying "mom" again! I'm so happy! It seems like she has refused to say mom since she was such a little thing. If I would ask her to say 'mom', she would say 'dad' and then laugh. This has gone on for months! I think she's finally figured out that if she calls out to 'mom' then she can get attention much faster. It feels so good to be acknowledged again!

We have community groups tonight and I'm making deviled eggs. I'm in love with deviled eggs this trimester. That and chocolate ice cream.

Sorry for the neglect, blog. Just too busy. Too busy to read, blog, or even take pictures.

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