Thursday, March 28, 2013

Willow's Shenanigans: February Edition

These pictures are from February--but better late than never! I'll just give some explanations about what's happening. Above, on the left--Willow went through a phase where she would put her food in cups and eat in this fashion. It was a little annoying--but she came up with it on her own. On the right, she's pointing to the cupcake on her shirt. Whenever she wears this shirt, she expects people to try and eat/tickle the cupcake.

The pictures below: Willow set up this little center on her own. She spread out the blankets, stacked the pillows, brought out her toys, coloring books, and whatever else she wanted. It's so cute when she sets up little play centers--but then I have to clean it up later....

Pretending to sleep.

Forever getting into things she shouldn't be playing with. She found her dad's old shuffle, and a pair of headphones. I was impressed because she KNEW that they worked together.

She is a kid of the 21st century. She understands things like how to load discs on a laptop, how to plug in headphones, that USB's can be put in our DVD player and play movies (or how to load DVD's, get the remotes, and start a movie). She just KNOWS these things without being told/taught how. It's a little freaky, and annoying because we don't want her to break our technology. Did I mention she has like fifty apps on the iPad. She has a really great understanding of how iPads work and smart phones work. It's uncanny. I've heard of others babies knowing these things too. But it's still weird when she can find the correct folder, open the correct app (e.g. skype), find the contact she wants, select their picture, and choose how she wants to contact them. It's so freaky!

Oh, and then there's the make-up obsession. In January and February, she effectively destroyed all my make-up. If I turn my back for a second, she's destroying my make-up. This particular night, she took off running with eye shadow, and this is how we found her. The lighting is terrible, but if you were there, you would have seen her whole face sparkling purple hues.

Still loves her blankies, her bunnies, and her daddy.

Loves to play with Emily and her dad. They are crazy together!

In January and February, she was obsessed with these tiny oranges. I really should have taken a picture of them. They are only good in the middle of winter. But we were buy several pounds a week. She would eat ten or more for breakfast! They tiny (easy for her to eat), sweet, and so easy to peel.

More shenanigans to come!

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