Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Play's the Thing!

Today, I was supposed to go out to Wu Ai (a huge market) and pick up some large white columns for "Pygmalion". I wasn't sure how to do this on my own, since I have never done it before. It usually involves renting because these are wedding stalls that usually just rent their materials out. So, I had a Taiwanese friends going with me to help. 

ThenI woke up sick! We CANNOT get better here. Adam has been sick for a month, Willow has been sick at least twice, and now I'm sick again. It's Saturday, and Adam has the following week off for Spring Break. Tomorrow is Easter and despite some good intentions, I don't have the makings of an Easter Basket for Willow. I just have to remind myself that she doesn't know the difference--and it's not the reason we celebrate anyway. 

So what else is happening with "Pygmalion"? After we get back from spring break, we'll be rehearsing with backstage crew, and soon after with costumes and everything else. The students' lines are still not perfect, but I'm really hoping that they take advantage of Spring Break to really polish their memorization. 

Thank goodness for awesome markets. 
They are a charm! 

These are some of the accessories. We also have like 30 pairs of gloves, bow ties, other hats, shawls, coats, aprons, watches, key chains, broaches, sashes, etc....There are so many accessories this year.

Somehow, the students have to manage not breaking any of these pieces....or misplacing them! This pregnant women spent hours hunting down these items and was rendered unable to walk afterwards. Back pain!

These pictures are from January, when I was working on buying fabric, creating pictures for the tailor, and gluing swatches to the pictures for her reference. This year, I even had spreadsheets to help her keep all the costumes/students from becoming confused. Well, now it's the end of March and we're seeing the costumes for the first time today. About 80 costume pieces with expensive fabric and difficult patterns/textiles. Total price: 4,800 kuai for tailor services. That's the most we've ever spent on costumes! But it's possible this year.

These are the cool t-shirt designs for the drama t-shirts. A student who is in the play designed them somehow--she is quite an artist!

It's that point where I have no idea how everything that needs to get done will....get done! And the point where I start throwing out ideas and aspirations because the money or the time is just not enough. I feel like a pioneer on the Oregon Trail throwing my piano and treasured books out on the trail because the oxen are dying. 

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