Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Reasons I Know That.............

1. Our tiny apartment has never been so difficult to keep clean. For instance, the cupboards I mean to organize a month ago are still not organized (and worse than ever, by the way). I have 4 packages we received around Christmas time that I still have not unpacked (all the items are just sitting in the boxes waiting for me to do so). And the paint I bought so that we could paint our apartment during Christmas break is still sitting in the guest room waiting to be used. 

2. Willow has watched more television in the last month and a half than she has ever watched before. The poor girl is now addicted to her favorite movies--but this is what I call "survival mode". I have to be okay with this reality or else I wont be able to cope! 

3. I am sick and tired of being so sick and so very, very, tired! I just want to feel normal again. 

4. Food is my new enemy. I can't stand the smell of green beans. They make me want to lose all my accounts, which is a nice way to say vomit. I crave ice cream all the time. Probably because I'm calcium deficient. I even dream about it! The problem is, China doesn't sell the ice cream that I really want. 

5. Adam has been promoted to Super Dad. He wakes up at 5:00 in the morning so that he can go to school early. This allows him to come home early. He comes early to clean, cook, and take care of Willow. While I lay in bed and read or sleep or vomit. I could not do this without Adam! It's a whole other ball game with a 18 month old running circles around you. 

So just in case you haven't guessed yet...These are the 5 Reasons I Know That I'm Pregnant! Currently 11 weeks pregnant and due on August 6, 2013. 

I can't believe Willow will have a little sibling to play with in less than 7 months! No 'baby bump' yet. We went to the doctor yesterday for a prenatal check-up and I left without the ultra sound pictures....ooops. Willow is already competing for attention! 

Pray for us as the first trimester comes to a close. That we would continue to act in patience and that Willow would have some fun as I start to feel better. 

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