Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Willow, at the Christmas party in our complex's clubhouse
A little craft--the lights are Willow's ginormous thumb prints. 

She thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream

singing silent night with a candle--she kept blowing the candle out...

Willow playing 'pretend' with her baby doll--changing the doll's diaper. 

Christmas gift from her great grandma and grandpa Koedyker. The frog croaks and its shirt says, "I love Florida" 

First gift from mom and dad---opening on Christmas Eve 

It's a cheap little stroller from the market

Matching aprons and dish cloths for Willow and her dolly made by her Grandma Kang 

New shoes from great grandma Koedyker 

5 kuai wooden puzzles from Wu Ai for Willow 

Little outfit from one of Adam's students

Starting to get the hang of opening gifts

decorating cookies with student council 

Helping mom in the kitchen 

Sugar cookies, China style 

At the middle school Christmas banquet

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