Friday, December 7, 2012

It's a Jolly Holiday with You, Dad

Some pictures during Thanksgiving break....because I am SOOOOO on top of things! One day, we went to a kids shopping mall, bought outerwear for Willow, played at a play land, grabbed drinks at Starbucks, bought lunch at Subway, and watched some pseudo-professional ice skaters practice their routines. It was a fun day--we enjoyed spending some day light hours together out and about! Willow especially loved the play land--and we ran into some friends while we were there too! We were able to find Willow a winter coat, snow pants, and a scarf. She is now properly dressed for the frigid temps we've been getting! Me...on the other hand....has still been out of doors in a thin jacket. Tsk Tsk. Going out to remedy that tomorrow! It feels like -16F lately.

I was happy to see that Starbucks has their Christmas drinks in. Always a pleasure to drink a white chocolate mocha in China (only comes at Christmas).

I have some funny videos of Willow riding this electronic bunny. She thought it was the BEST THING IN THE WORLD! We had to save her from crashing and driving down the stair cases or escalators....Law suits!

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