Sunday, December 9, 2012

17 Months

Yes, Willow is nearly at the one-and-a-half year mark! I can hardly believe it. This month will surely fly by with all the Christmas parties and events we have going on. I'm starting to understand that Christmas is a hectic time. We've finished all our Christmas shopping and that's a great feeling!

Willow is still babbling non-stop, but it's beginning to sound more like English. Sometimes she says that same combinations of sounds over and over again, while Adam and I try to figure out what she's saying. The other day, she said, "Its sgo" about 50 fifty times. It could possibly mean, "it's cold", 'that's snow', or what we're leaning towards, "Let's go".

She said it again tonight when she wanted me to get her ready for bath time.

Horror of horrors, she's started picking her lip.

She likes to point at the Christmas tree every morning, and demands that the lights be turned on. "WOW!" She exclaims, every morning. She likes the Christmas candy that's been set out, and enjoys playing with the stuffed snowman.

Tonight, as I was cooking some chili, Willow burst into the kitchen (she opened the door herself), babbled something very matter of fact to me, then dashed to the cupboard. She grabbed one of her plastic bowls and then ran back out to where Adam was peeling an orange for her. Apparently, he had told her to bring him a bowl.

Willow attended the secondary choir concert with us last night, but wasn't very patient during the performance. Adam brought her out to the foyer for about half of the concert.

Her favorite movie is now Toy Story 3. I think she understands the concept of toys having personalities. I will also admit that I give her candy. Mostly because her reaction as I'm unwrapping the chocolate is so hilarious.

She is constantly up to something. Today, she texted a screen shot (that she took) to someone on my cell phone's contact list. Embarrassing! She is forever calling random people on skype. She knows that the remote controls for the DVD player (and not the TV) can rewind or fast forward to her desired parts. Um...So embarrassing! I'm not bragging at all. I'm confessing that I have no idea how she knows these things. Technology is part of her life at such a young age, she doesn't even require lessons in how to use it. She just knows.

Willow has no interest in playing outside lately. It is so cold! And she has decided that winter is not her season.

Adam is out playing basketball, Willow is tucked into bed, and now is the perfect time to catch up on chores and reading. If only tomorrow was not Monday......

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