Sunday, November 25, 2012

Date at the Asian Table

Otherwise known as, the night Adam made a Filipino friend. Our friend and her daughter offered to babysit Willow on Saturday evening so that Adam and I could go out baby-free. We decided to try a new restaurant. We weren't sure what kind of food would be served, only that it was decorated with bird cages. Most of the dishes in the menu looked very unfamiliar. The atmosphere felt tropical. And the entertainment was unusual. They had a band of dancers that literally accosted restaurant-goers with songs and dances. They made shy people get up and cha-cha. They made others belt out songs in their native language (they sang pop songs in at least three languages). They sang Happy Birthday to the tune of "Baby, Baby" by Justin Beiber (e.g. "Happy, Happy, Birthday, Oh! Happy, Happy, Birthday Oh!")

The food ended up tasting great. Although it was very spicy, it was not a spice we were accustomed to. I think it must have been Filipino cuisine.

Here is a beef dish, sauteed with peppers, onions, and mangoes. We had fresh mango juice as well! Willow would have loved the mangoes. The spicy green beans were so hot!

This other dish was also spicy. The little sesame seed pitas were a good match for the spicy greens and beef.  We also ordered a yummy fried rice dish and a spicy beef and cabbage stir fry. My mouth was definitely burning!

Ok. So here are Adam's special friends. We first noticed them when we arrived at the restaurant. They were very friendly and seemed to speak English fluently. They were definitely not Chinese---they were not as formal as Chinese people, and EXTREMELY friendly. From across the room, the guy on Adam's right puckered-up and sent us some invisible kisses. This started a debate among Adam and myself. To whom were these kisses directed? We both thought it was pretty funny. We hoped fervently that they wouldn't come to our table and make us sing Lady Gaga or dance the cha-cha. Haha.

When we left, the whole band came up to us and we had a conversation for a few minutes. The ladies talked to me, initially. But when I turned around, I saw the guy (on Adam's right) with his arms around Adam saying, "I want him". Adam was like, "Whoa. You have to ask my wife". The Filipino guy looked at me, and asked, "Can I take him home? I want a hug" 

I was laughing. I guess the kissie-lips had been meant for Adam. I said that I would take a picture of them instead. The other guy (on the left) quickly joined the photo op. The women chimed in, "Tweeter! Tweeter!" Which I think meant, "Put the picture on twitter" 

Afterwards, I saw these desserts at a coffee shop.
Green tea cake and pork flavored bread.

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