Monday, November 19, 2012

Long time no type

It's been a few weeks since I last a real update. Lots has been going on and keeping us busy. I don't really know what to say or where to begin.


Willow passed the 16 month marker a few weeks ago. Craziness! She's completely weaned now, and hasn't nursed in three weeks. It's still hard for her, and I'm surprised that she remembers what nursing is after three weeks! She used to have a few cues to communicate that she wanted to nurse--and she STILL is giving me these signals (e.g. handing me a pillow, getting in position to nurse, etc.). For a few months she was nursing only at night for less than 5 minutes. I kept waiting for her to wean herself, but it wasn't happening. I was ready to be done since she was nearly 16 months old. But as soon as we took away that night feeding (quite by accident, actually. I was at a ladies night and was out later than expected), she started asking to nurse 10 times a day! Ah....But really, she's doing fine. She doesn't need it. She drinks cow milk or smoothies every day, and eats tons of food.

With all the eating she's doing, you'd think she'd be clinging to some baby fat. But, she's definitely stretching out and thinning down. The rolls on her legs are all but gone. Just one tiny roll that's on its way out the door. Last week, I noticed that you could see her rib cage when she's lying down. That has never been the case before--since she was such a plump dumpling baby.

She has been into mischief as usual. She's been caught drawing on our water cooler, walls, and even TV screen with a crayon (thank goodness it wasn't a permanent marker). She has discovered that when she's in her crib, she can open her dresser drawers and take out all her clothes. This means that every morning when we get her out of her, or after her naps, there's clothing everywhere. I've given up folding her clothes because of this constant battle.

Willow likes to assert her independence. We see her climbing onto the tall window sill in her room from other surfaces, or carrying around her chair. She opens doors, and practices her jumping.

Sometimes I worry about her development. I hear and read that every kid develops at a different pace, but it's hard not to compare sometimes. I especially wonder about her verbal development. She still babbles up a storm (although even that is starting to lose it's appeal to her). But her 'words' are not many, and not very clear. She has difficulty with hard consonants and mostly speaks in vowels. But she does have several words that she uses consistently, and I've read that that's normal for her age.


He continues to teach science, math, and student council. They've had a few events at school, like the middle school lock in and some fundraisers. Right now, his student council is planning the middle school banquet. He spent four days in Chengdu two weeks ago for a soccer tournament--finally, after nearly 4 years--he got to visit the city where I lived for a few months during my student teaching in 2009.

Adam turned 26 on November 15. We didn't have anyone come over to celebrate....once again....But, I did make a pumpkin cake for him. I'll have to share the link for that recipe, because it is so delicious. Adam loves how pinterest benefits our existence.

He keeps very busy--with his graduate studies, work, and family. He also finds time to play pick up basketball games, play video games, and help around the house. Willow loves playing with Adam and looks forward to seeing him everyday. She says 'Daddy' quite clearly and frequently.

I have two excuses for not blogging:

#1 Drama
#2 Reading

Drama started up three weeks ago, and it's been a little busier around here ever since. Ok. It's been A LOT busier around here. There have been some issues adjusting to the new workload. I'm the only director, and I have to monitor the school bus after each rehearsal. If not for a really understanding parent, I'd have to ride the bus all the way to the last stop and then take a taxi back home after every rehearsal. This would mean spending 90 minutes in rehearsal, and then 120 minutes in transportation. But because of this great parent, I don't have to ride to the end of the line, and only have to spend 60 minutes in transportation. Still not ideal. But......sigh.

How is the play going? People ask me this question all the time. The play is going great so far. But we haven't really started yet---today the blocking commences. This year, I would have had to cut over half of the students that auditioned. I couldn't handle it! So, I cast way more students---and now I have to choreograph.....what the heck. I'm super excited about the Edwardian costumes which I'm researching right now. You probably know that if we're pinterest buddies.

Reading is my new thing. Ok. Reading has always been my thing. But I just forgot that for ten years. I've read over 20 novels this autumn. Last week, I read 4 novels. Because of all the time and money I've spent reading, I think I need to take a break from it for a while. In case you're wondering, I chose books over food, clothes, coffee, showers, blogging, and adequate sleep. Lovely, huh?

 But if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas---gift cards for books (iTunes, or Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.) are wonderful. I have a wish list of books as well. If I lived next to an impressive library, life would be beautiful.

Injury Prone

Adam and I are hurting ourselves left and right. This morning, I dropped my cell phone on my toe. Sounds painless, right? Wrong. It was terrible. Might lose that toe nail. Didn't think my pink phone was capable of breaking the skin of my foot. Adam burned his thumb terribly on a light bulb this weekend. I scrapped my knuckles on a cheese grater a few days ago. Adam cut off the tip of his thumb. Willow dropped the iPad on my foot and caused some bruising. Adam cut himself on tin can he was opening with a pocket knife, then pulled a muscle at basketball. I just twisted a muscle in my back and can't turn my head............The list goes on. Are we losing it?

Ok. No pictures right now. But promise some more later.


  1. Loved reading this update on you guys! :)

  2. First of all, DO NOT be worried about Willow's development. Daveo and I always joke because she's generally a bit ahead of Jameson in everything, so we say that she's got to live up to the pressure of being a baby in China. :)
    Second of all, the injuries kill me. I keep waking up with bruises everywhere and have to ask Daveo if he beats me in my sleep or something...seriously, if you could see my legs, you would think I'm hiding a terrible secret. It probably also has to do with the fact that I am so pale, everything shows up. I need to go to a tanning booth, stat.
    Finally, I need more books to read. It costs money to put books on hold at the library here, and it's a half-hour walk away so I haven't been reading nearly as much as I usually do. My Goodreads list is growing out of control and I just want to read everything. So give me recommendations, because I hate when I check out books that are not worth my (limited) time. And Kindle gift cards are on my birthday/christmas list as well.

    As ever, I wish we lived closer together, because Willow and Jameson sound like they could make excellent mayhem together and you and I could have our own book club. Heaven.