Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Willow Pictures

I was recently noticing that I've hardly blogged at all in the last several weeks. I've also taken only a handful of pictures. I sometimes think of something to post and then motivation fizzles out before the idea has even finished it's course across my brain. This is pregnancy.

Last week, I tried to remedy this by uploading pictures onto Adam's computer and then uploading them onto my blog. I've had 4 posts sitting around all week waiting to be finished. But I haven't. Here's why:

1. Pregnant
2. Willow
3. My VPN stopped working and all I can do is skype and check news sites which report the same stuff all day anyway.....While I'm on this, not only is my VPN not working (the little creation that allows me to check sites such as blogger and facebook), but my SD card reader is also out of order. As is my email. I feel so handicapped on my computer now! No facebook book. No blog. No email. No pictures to edit. Nothing.
4. Reading. I continue to read when I have free time. Reading is easier than dealing with my reality. I like to escape to fictional worlds and ignore the dishes, the laundry, the blogging, the showering...I hope this is just a phase I'm in.

The sad thing is...these are pretty much ALL the pictures we've taken in January so far.

Yesterday I took a few more of Willow--they were a little more 'artsy' (I can't really claim's just that they weren't candid snap shots). And maybe I'll post those eventually. When I was taking those pictures yesterday, though, I thought---"Whoa, I haven't done this in.....FOREVER!"


I recently showed Willow how to clean the lint out from between her toes. I showed this to her only ONE time. But still, weeks later, she is obsessed with the practice of it. Several times a day, she's whipping off her slippers and socks so that she can meticulously clean in between each and every toe. I need to take a video of this. She usually exclaims, "No, no, no, no, no!" If she finds any lint.

Willow de-linting her toes

When people ask who Willow's friends are...I have to stop and laugh because if Willow were able to answer the question herself she would say that Emily was her kindred spirit. But Emily is like...5 years older. She is such a sweet girl to play with Willow on a weekly basis, though. We will miss her when she moves back to Texas!

Maybe these two will be best friends someday. This is Willow's little friend, Kaeya--who is about a year younger. She is starting to become more interactive and mobile, which Willow likes.

This is evidence that Willow is brawny. She has figured out how to flip the cushions up using her own strength. It's quite a bit of resistance training for her. She likes to sit on the couch ledge, since it's more her size.

Adam took these pictures of Willow eating kimbop while I was at drama rehearsal.

He was proud of her for eating it on its own.

Here Willow is eating a cracker. Probably after she stole it from the kitchen.

And here is Willow's first hair cut on Christmas Day (not quite January, but whatever). Her hair was so damaged from the dry air that it was actually DISGUSTING. Couldn't brush it, could use enough products on it, could get it to become un-frizzy. So we chopped it off.

Sorry Willow. Usually bad hair days (or months, in her case) don't end in a hair cut.

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