Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Milestones

I haven't really updated on our real-life stuff lately. I also realized that Willow turned 15 months ten days ago and I still haven't written a word about her monthly milestones like I did for 14 of her previous months. Whoops. Let's just do a recap of what she's been up to.

She's understanding a significant amount of English now. It's astounding how many phrases she's picked up, and her vocabulary is definitely increasing on a daily basis. She has learned a few more words this month, as well as a whole slew of words that she's practicing. I've noticed that for many of her words, she drops of the last consonant. Here are some examples of her speaking endeavors:

We bought a blender last weekend and have been making fruit smoothies, which Willow enjoys hard core. She usually ends up drinking more than Adam and I do. She calls them, "smoooooooo"
When she wants food, she says, "fooooooo"
Cookies/crackers/snacks are still rasped out like "cooooccckkeeee"
She's also working on saying 'shoes', 'milk', 'movie', 'outside'.

Julie:         Say, "mommy"
Willow:     Daddy!
Julie:         Come on, say 'mommy'.
Willow:     DaaaaaaaAAADDD!!!!

We've noticed her hair is growing a little more on the sides..  Poor, Baldy. 

Still signing 'please' profusely. If she desperately wants something/begs, she beats her chest with both her palms. It's very primitive. 

Willow has discovered that she really loves actual babies, and not just baby dolls. Except, she thinks that they can treat babies and dolls the same way. Which is not true. 

Has a temper. If she doesn't get what she wants/when she wants it, she is known to start hitting or throwing fits. Lately, she's been hitting objects a lot. Such as the walls, tables, chairs, cabinets.....we're working on it. 

Understands (and either says or responds to) a few words in Mandarin (e.g. Auntie, Uncle, clean, hi, goodbye).

Isn't this a super cute coat? I want one in my size. 

Adam and I are both enjoying this age for different reasons. Adam loves to come home after work and play with Willow. They go for walks, read books, and run around like wild people. I enjoy watching Willow grasp how the world works as she figures it out. She goes into our shoe closet and takes out shopping bags and walks around with them on her shoulder. She finds the broom and dustpan and spends some time sweeping. She colors in notebooks and coloring books. She is getting proficient at the iPad apps she has (which is horrifying). She is learning how to use a fork and spoon and tries to eat most of her meals with a utensil. She is understanding the routine scenarios of her life in cause and effect terms. 

It's so much fun to watch her go through the mundane motions that we do every single day with such excitement and pleasure, as if she has never done it before. 

Willow's Fashion Tip: Headbands are a must when you're bald.  Work it. Own it. 

There are just too many cute things to mention. Like the way she diligently blows on her food to cool it down before she puts it in her mouth (even though, hardly any air is escaping her tight lips). Or how if Willow wants me to help her with something, she grabs my hand and places whatever it is she needs done in it.

She terrorizes the neighborhood stray cats. They know her. And flee in panic.

She dances, spins, and jumps on command.

Willow is learning body parts too. She knows where here hair, ears, nose, eyelashes, belly button, toes, and feet are. We haven't been working on these intentionally, but she has still picked those up nearly all on her own. Still, she struggles to focus. Such a one track mind. If she is thinking/doing something else, there's little chance that she hears what you are saying to her. A lover of food, you can always grab her attention with food. She knows when it's time to eat and squeals in delight as the table is set, demanding to be placed in her sassy seat. Some food that she recognizes by name: chicken, cheese, banana, cookies, milk, green beans, carrots...

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  1. Jameson's got the 'hitting everything' bug as well. It's kind of terrifying, actually, because he'll just launch himself at your face if he's really mad. :/