Sunday, October 21, 2012

Engagement Pictures

These are the engagement pictures I shot of our friends, Benny & Hannah, who recently tied the knot. We knew them when they were single, when they were dating, when they got engaged---and now they're newlyweds! They've both been so faithful in waiting for the spouse that God planned for them. It has been beautiful to watch their love story unfold, and also entertaining! They are a sweet couple and I pray many blessings on their marriage.

Man, I had this whole post about marriage planned and started. But, I've since changed my mind. I was able to take some pictures of them while they were still engaged (and the weather was still warm). Now they're happily married. Benny & Hannah were a ton of fun to work with--as we walked around our neighborhood taking pictures. They came up with a lot of the poses on their own, and were so cute the entire time. Disclaimer: I do not want to be a professional photographer, and I don't think I'm incredibly talented behind a camera---but I do enjoy taking pictures and had a lot of fun with this photo shoot. Thanks for the opportunity, Fongs! :)

May your marriage be filled with blessings and rooted in Christ. May your commitment to one another grow with each day, as your love deepens. May the lessons you learn through marriage bring you closer to the Lord as He teaches you to be more like Him. Remember, marriage isn't about being happy, it's about being holy! 

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  1. you've definitely got an eye for pictures, Julie! I especially love the ones of their distorted reflections. What a great idea!!