Wednesday, November 9, 2011

4 Months

Willow Rose

Willow is now on her fifth month of life, having completed four months in this world. She is more precious than ever to us and is learning so much every day. I have decided that I love this stage of life. Here are some wonderful reasons why my four month old baby is the best:

1. sleeps through the night consistently--about 10 or 11 hours every night.
2. takes four naps during the day, giving me a chance to work around the house or rest.
3. talks a lot in her low, raspy baby voice--so adorable!
4. learns new skills and improves old ones every day
5. notices everything around her and is very curious about her surroundings
6. kicks, squeals and flails endlessly (no matter how tired she is) when she's on her changing table
7. loves to attack the toucan bird on her bouncy seat
8. has learned how to cuddle and snuggle and likes to hug mommy
9. reaches for objects that are out of arms length (including the food that I'm trying to eat)
10. tries to sit up, but usually topples over or bends forward too far
11. is determined to eat her toes, but still can't get them in her mouth
12. gets frustrated when she isn't as coordinated as she wants to be
13. giggles when her dad plays with her
14. likes to spend time outside, it is very calming to her
15. rolling over is her new obsession



  1. Such precious pictures! She's beautiful!

  2. She's so cute! The even better news is she's keep on getting more and more fun!