Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Johnsons!

This was Willow's first Thanksgiving--but since she didn't really get to eat any of the food, it was just a normal day for her.

When dad came in from an errand, he dropped his hat on her head. She didn't really know what to think about it--so shocking!

What is this cold thing on my head?

Willow had been sitting in the kitchen while I started getting the corn souffle ready.

Making my own corn souffle.

Watching Winnie the Pooh with her dad while I was cooking in the kitchen. This is the scene where Winnie the Pooh sings, "I'm short fat and proud of that"...we sing this song to Willow all the time because it's fitting of her current state as well.

Adam had to work a half day on Thanksgiving Day--all the teachers have been working hard to continue the re-accreditation process for our school. Thursday felt like three days for me. Day 1, I was at home taking care of Willow and our ayi came over to help. Day 2, Adam came home and we gave Willow a bath and prepared for the water to be shut off again (we were given advance notice this time). I baked a little and we watched a few tv shows. Day 3, I finished cooking, Willow watched Winnie the Pooh with Adam, and we went to our friends' house for dinner (where about 15 of our friends were gathered). We brought cheesy biscuits, corn souffle, red velvet cake, and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to share. Here we are sitting with our friends, ready to start eating all the delicious food!

After dinner, people played games and ate dessert...see all the desserts?

But throughout the evening, there was a shadow over our heads because we were missing one very important person. Our hosts' daughter had had a long seizure that morning and so was spending Thanksgiving day at the pediatric intensive care unit in a Chinese hospital near our apartment complex. This is the second time she has experienced a seizure like this so the doctors are trying to figure out what the underlying cause might be. She is still at the hospital today, undergoing many kinds of tests. She is only 1.5 years old and I feel so deeply for her parents. I can't imagine going through this with Willow! They are hoping she will be released soon. Right now, her parents can't even be in the same room as her, which just breaks my heart. Please be lifting up the whole situation right now. You can read more about it here.

On the way back home, we were carrying so many dishes and had a little mishap when we reached the gate of our complex. Whoops...there went the cheesecake. I couldn't stand the thought of throwing away almost half of a cheesecake, especially when I love cheesecake so much. So we googled the possible disadvantages of accidentally ingesting tiny pieces of ceramic...should we risk it?


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  1. Thanks for letting me snuggle her when I was having withdrawals. She is too cute! Also, thanks for the shout out for us, we appreciate it.