Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year, I am thankful for so much--here's what comes to mind without any effort. There's even more, I'm sure, if I were to really think back on this whole year...So, so, so much.

-Adam; he's such a wonderful husband and a great dad. I love getting to spend my life with him.
-Willow; she adds so much joy to my day, I can't imagine how we lived without her!
-Hospital bills; there were so many, but between insurance and some gifts, they are starting to dwindle away.
-Adam's surgery; was a success and his knee is healing super well. Also, the ginormous $53,000 bill has been covered by insurance--and the hospital waived the rest. They even reimbursed us the $300 we paid up front before Adam was prepped for surgery.
-Trip to America; we were able to spend three months in America this summer!
-Willow's safe arrival; there were no complications, and even though labor was long, it was worth it (and becoming a very distant/foggy memory).
-Willow's passport/visa; what a hassle! But I'm so thankful it's over and she has the documents she needs to live in China with us!
-Mom and Emma's visit; what a great chance to spend more time with them and show them Shenyang and Beijing.
-Staying at home; what a blessing to be able to watch Willow grow up every day--and not having to stress out about having to teach 3rd grade and be a mom (how do people do that?)
-Our home; it's so nice to have a comfy place that is relatively warm. A place where we can relax and enjoy spending time as a family. Even though my kitchen is small, I'm thankful for working appliances. And it's so cute to see that Willow is most comfortable when she's at home.
-Great friends/community; where ever you are in this world, we're so thankful for you!
-Dad's work; my Dad was able to get a job this year--which has been such a relief to me! Even though he has to work so much, I'm thankful for HIS faithfulness and provision.
-Cheesecake; so thankful for cheesecake.
-Raspberries; so thankful for raspberries.


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