Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three Months Today

It's October 8, which means Willow has hit the three month mark. She's learning and growing so much and I love her little self more than ever. She's accomplished quite a lot in her short life and continues to impress us everyday. We're very easily won over by her.

Willow can....
Say ahgooo, ahhh, cooo, ai, oi...and lots of other little combinations.
Complain with her baby noises quite emphatically.
Play with her hands and suck on her fingers.
Grab toys and hold onto them.
Snuggle with her soft toys.
Hold her head up 90 degrees.
Scoot forward on her stomach.
Try to do sit ups---relax, baby!
Bear weight on her legs.
Almost able to sit on her own--sometimes can balance for half a minute.
Watch her praise dvd with fascination.
Smile when she's happy and when people smile at her.
She is teething--as of this past week, two teeth have emerged! I'm so sad that her toothless smile has started to disappear.

She's learning how to laugh (the cutest thing!) and have baby conversations. She is trying to roll over. She loves her bouncy chair, and her soft blankets. Her favorite toy was lost on our trip to Beijing--oops. That toy was MAGIC, and now it's gone. I'm really upset that it was misplaced somewhere--I knew it was risky bringing it along, but I thought I would be more careful. I think it must have gotten kicked under the bed at the hotel because that room was empty when we left.

Willow has also taken many forms of transportation during the last three months...

Baby carriers
Chair lifts

She just needs some forms of water travel to add to her list.

We just got back from our trip to Beijing. Willow was so happy to get back home! Babies love their safe places. Emma is at a friend's house--she had a sleep over last night. She has been blessed with quite the social life here, more than I could have asked for or expected! She will miss all the nice girls she got to know here, I think. My mom and Emma head back to the US on Wednesday. It will be so lonely without them during the day---and a lot more housework for me! They've been so helpful with shopping, laundry, dishes, cooking, baking, and cleaning...not to mention all the help with Willow! I will be sad to see them go, but am so thankful that they were able to come and stay so long!

Emma just got back from her slumber party--it turned out to be a surprise party that all her little friends put together. They even made her a little scrap book with pictures, notes, and their email address. How sweet! :)


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