Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Imperial Palace

Just a few pictures from our recent trip to the Imperial Palace in Shenyang. We were able to take Willow, Emma, and my mom to see this great historic site. What I love about this place is the history that's crammed in every centimeter of the Palace--not just from four hundred years ago when it was used by Emperors and their families, but even in the last few decades--all the changes that it has watched its country go through. Even out in the elements, it still stands--and the weathering is pretty amazing. Why hasn't it been fully restored to it's initial splendor? I don't know--but I like all the chipped ceramics, and the stone pavements which are slippery from all the feet that have worn down and polished the surface.

Some of our new team members were also at the Imperial Palace, on their cultural tour.

Some beggars playing traditional music outside the palace gates.

Not far from the palace, some jaozi being steamed on the street corner.

Oh the things you see...

Willow, literally risking her life in yet another taxi cab...the driving here is a little insane.

That's all for now. Willow is screaming.


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