Monday, October 24, 2011

Is that REAL?

About a week ago, our school had it's annual International Day. Many different countries are celebrated with food and exhibits--parents, students, teachers...and even a baby named Willow enjoyed the event. There's a fun flag ceremony that initiates the day, but we missed that part of the festivities. We arrived just when the food was being served in the market place. Lunch is always a little chaotic on International Day...imagine over 400 people (probably) in a room smaller than a basketball court, getting food from a dozen different tables at basically the same time. The whistle is blown every few minutes to signal the rotation of was always hard as an elementary teacher to help heard the little ones around and makes sure that they ate enough healthy food (instead of just desserts) or didn't over eat/under eat. It was a little easier this year because I only had to keep my eye on Willow, who was taking a nap in her bjorn. However, I didn't get to eat very much because I was almost constantly surrounded by kids and parents who wanted to see Willow, touch her hands, talk to her, and take pictures with her....

A rare moment when I got actually eat.
It was probably soon after this picture was taken that a parent came up to me (someone I didn't recognize) and asked me if I was carrying a stuffed animal around (notice Willow's hat?). Yes...because I frequently like the feeling of strapping a stuffed animal to my body and carrying it around crowded places. I thought the question was funny---especially when she realized that the stuffed animal was actually a sleeping baby.

One of the presenters was sick, so was unable to make the event last minute. Our great national staff put together an impromptu presentation about Chinese dancing. Of course, Adam had to get in on the fun. Willow hated watching Adam dance. At first I thought she was laughing...but then I realized between her looks of horror/anxiety, and the lack of giggle sounds that she was just yelling at him in frustration. The Chinese ladies around me thought it was hysterical, and were trying to get Willow to calm down, "It's ok baby, don't be scared!" It was commical!


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