Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Second Thanksgiving in Shenyang

This is a very food-centered post, but while living in China, I feel like most of my concerns and triumphs are food related. My cousin, Joanna, sent us ingredients to make a pumpkin pie (along with other yummy gifts) so that we didn't have worry about trying to make one by scratch. Pumpkin pie tasted delicious, after not having had any for at least two years. Thanks for the thoughtful package, Joanna! :)

Our teeny-tiny-toaster oven.

Ingredients to make a lot of yummy corn souffle.

The best-looking sour cream I've ever made.

Our Thanksgiving family-away-from-family. We had a large group of about 18 adults/teenagers and a few babies as well!

The lovely, and very festive, autumn decorations! Although at this point, I think we had snow outside...

Lots of scrumptious food, prepared and eaten with such thankfulness and gluttony. At this point, the turkey still had not arrived. Yes, you can buy turkey at one of the stores in our city!


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