Sunday, December 5, 2010

Comfort Food

In the Fall, it's cold outside. It snows sometimes. We want our comfort food. For Adam, this means anything with a lot of meat and mashed potatoes. Currently, we have a plethora of gravy mixes--this is a good thing. Thanks for the candy-corn, Joanna! Look, the baby pumpkins from the Johnson's farm are still so cute and fresh!

Grilled sandwiches and broccoli and cheese soup!

Meat loaf and mashed potatoes...with gravy...and carrots!

My Mom sent us some pepperoni--which is a genius idea! Adam and I feel a little pathetic when making our pizzas, since we share a pan. We have way too much fun adding the toppings to "my side of the pizza"--we need to come up with a better way to remember which side belongs to which person...



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  1. I love your blog Julie! Just discovered it now that I recently got in the blog world, and I'm officially following you! So fun to see what you and Adam are up to. :)